The Blue Letter

"Love Is Not Control" Illustration, Art, & Design 2xLP / CD print package, web development

A heart-wrenching tale in five acts of epic down-tempo screamo. Fully illustrated 2xLP and CD package.

Constants - "If Tomorrow The War" LP/CD


"Pasiflora" Art & Design LP / CD print package

A lush and melodic collection of songs that bring to mind the best of 90s shoegaze while being firmly rooted in the 21st century. Case-wrapped (tip-on) LP jacket with full color insert on matte stock; matching CD layout.

Constants - "Pasiflora" LP/CD

Gang Gang Dance


When we were commissioned to design the poster for 4AD artists Gang Gang Dance's NYC Eye Contact album release show—which was taking place ON A BOAT—it was clear that it had to be something special. So, we created a three-color poster design including a layer of glow-in-the-dark ink, which is invisible until the lights go out. Everything was illustrated from scratch, including the main typeface, created specially for this poster. They were printed in a hand-numbered edition on heavy poster stock, sold exclusively at the show.

Gang Gang Dance Posters

He Whose Ox Is Gored / InAeona

Split 12" Art & Design LP Print package, posters, Web development

Two badass bands on one etched 12" LP. Gatefold jacket on heavy matte stock, tour posters, web site and social media design/development.

He Whose Ox Is Gored /InAeona - Split LP

Herra Terra

"Quiet Geist" Art & Design LP / CD print package, merchandise

Retro and futuristic without necessarily being Retrofuturistic, kind of like Herra Terra's music. Nebulous celestial landscapes with a grainy, period feel intersected by glowing grids—kind of like The Fountain meets Tron. The LP packaging was printed on a super-glossy stock with full-cover glossy inner sleeve and matching colored vinyl, while the CD version was printed on a reverse-board 4-panel gatefold jacket with a glossy 8-page booklet and full-color CD face. Accompanying t-shirt and sticker designs were also made.

Herra Terra - "Quiet Geist" LP/CD


"If Tomorrow The War" Art & Design LP / CD print package, web development

The ominous title of Constants' fourth album (produced by Justin Broadrick of Godflesh/Jesu) was taken from a 1930s Soviet propaganda film. The mission was to evoke a drab yet stylized militaristic feel while not straying too far into well-worn Communist propaganda territory. The layout began as a collage of Communist newspapers torn up and assembled onto several canvases which were then painted over, photographed, and digitally manipulated to create the textured and multi-layered final product. Both the LP and CD versions were beautifully printed on a heavy matte stock in gatefold format. A full line of accompanying merch, posters, and ads was also produced, as well as an ultra-limited letterpressed LP edition.

Constants - "If Tomorrow The War" LP/CD


Split 10" Design & Layout LP print package

Vast and bleak are the moods conveyed by the songs on this amazing split—our goal was to express those moods visually. It was a pleasure to collaborate with the very talented Andrew Weiss and Helder Pedro Moreira on the photography and imagery, consisting of post-apocalyptic sepia-toned landscapes. The jackets were printed on a heavy semi-matte stock with a subtle spot-gloss, accompanied by full-color inserts and labels, while the records were pressed on clear and gold vinyl.

Juarez/Junius - Split 10"


"Blue Sky All Day" Art & Design CD print package, web development

InAeona's music has been described as falling somewhere between Isis and PJ Harvey—it's dark, heavy, and intense with moments of hope amid the dramatic sonic landscape they create. The art for their second release is made up of collaged photos and images evoking dark forests, ghostly orbs, and heavenly rays of light. The product is a gatefold CD layout on matte stock with metallic pantone on-disc printing, as well as accompanying web design, posters and merch.

InAeona - "Blue Sky All Day" CD/Web


"The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" Design & Layout 2xLP / CD print package, posters, merchandise, web development

The objective: to create a massive layout with an aged victorian aesthetic to accompany an equally massive album, including a 16-page 12"x12" book (the CD version features a 24-page booklet). The final product was beautifully printed on several different stocks: two kinds of heavy cardboard stock for the exterior and book cover (with matte finish and spot-gloss), and a thick uncoated stock for the interior, which features amazing illustrations by Matt Gauck & Drew Speziale. Posters, t-shirts, stickers, patches, flyers, tote bags, and web and print ads were also made.

Junius - "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" Album Layout: 2xLP & CD

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